A highly functional sans serif

'Seravek Medium sample
Seravek Medium
Seravek Extra Light Italic sample
Seravek Extra Light Italic
Seravek Extra Light sample
Seravek Extra Light
Seravek Medium sample
Seravek Medium
Seravek Light Small Caps sample
Seravek Light Small Caps
Seravek Bold Small Caps sample
Seravek Bold Small Caps
Seravek Medium Italic sample
Seravek Medium Italic
Seravek Extra Light sample
Seravek Extra Light
'Seravek Medium sample
Seravek Medium
'Seravek Medium Small Caps sample
Seravek Medium Small Caps


Seravek, designed by Eric Olson, is a sans serif typeface published by the Process Type Foundry. It was made to meet to the demanding needs of information, editorial, and identity design, where the twin forces of richness and clarity must co-exist. Seravek strives for a clear functionality and near invisibility: its letters are unobtrusive, refined, and imbued with a sense of modernity.


Small Caps sample
Small Caps

Seravek has Small Caps and OpenType All Small Caps. The design of the small caps has its own appeal, particularly the wider capital letters and looser spacing.

Numerals sample

For a wide range of communication needs, Seravek contains multiple numeral styles: Lining, Old Style, Small Caps and a Tabular version for each.

Alternates sample

To match all caps or small caps text settings, Seravek has case-sensitive punctuation to help keep things like brackets and apostrophes in line.

Fractions sample

Seravek has pre-built fractions — quarters, thirds, and eighths — as well as numerators and denominators for composing arbitrary fractions.

Fractions sample

A large set of superscripts & superiors — numbers, letters, and punctuation — allow for typesetting various data, footnotes, mathematical material, and more.

Ornaments sample

A large set of subscripts & inferiors – numbers, letters, and punctuation — allow for typesetting various data, chemical formulas, and mathematical material.

Alternates sample

Via OpenType Stylistic Alternates, you can change the default ampersand and lowercase g.

Ornaments sample

Seravek contains a several kinds of arrows and shapes, found as OpenType Ornaments (Roman only).



Desktop: OTF (OpenType). Webfonts: WOFF & WOFF2 (Web Open Font Format) and EOT (Embedded OpenType).


Seravek includes our Extended Latin character set. View the complete list of languages this covers.


True italic styles match each weight in the family. Their design, though distinct, is not overly expressive.

Basic vs. Pro

We offer a Basic version of Seravek with a smaller character set and lower cost. The webfonts are only offered as Basic.

Try It or Rent It

You can try Seravek at Fontstand, a Mac application that allows for free one-hour trials and monthly rents.